The power of proteomics in
multiomic studies

Hear from industry experts on how proteomics is changing the way we develop new drugs and study disease.

High-throughput proteomics is changing the scope of what is possible in multiomic studies, transforming how we understand disease, identify drug targets, and create novel therapies.

Download the eBook, ‘Proteomics at the heart of multiomic studies’ to learn more about how this trend is the next step in advancing precision medicine.

Ebook highlights:

  • Protein Quantitative Trait Loci, or pQTLs, and how their use in proteogenomic studies is improving drug target identification and disease research.
  • The combination of proteomics with other omics, such as transcriptomics and mass cytometry, and how this helps researchers better understand complex diseases like COVID-19, Cancer, and Crohn’s disease.
  • Future trends in multiomic research and the vital role that proteomics will play over the next decade.



Download the eBook