White paper: Multiplex analysis of inflammatory proteins

A comparative study across multiple platforms


Inflammation is a biological process that is closely involved in the pathophysiology of many types of conditions, from overtly “inflammatory diseases”, through to immune responses to infection as well as major public health challenges such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. It is therefore critical to measure low-abundance inflammatory proteins such as cytokines and chemokines accurately and reliably across a wide range of disease-related research.

To meet this need, accurate and precise proteomics platforms are crucial. To be able to measure multiple proteins simultaneously in biological samples, several antibody-based assay platforms have been developed, and it is important for scientists to be able to compare these options and select the one that best meets their specific requirements.

Purpose of the study

The aim of this study was to compare the Olink® Target 48 Cytokine panel head-to-head with other widely used commercial technologies, based on technical data analysis of key performance criteria such as precision, dynamic range, linearity, and parallelism based on dilution series of clinical samples.

Additionally, an internal comparison study was carried out to evaluate the correlation between overlapping targets included in both Olink Target 48 Cytokine (48-plex, qPCR readout) and Olink Explore 1536 (384-plex, NGS readout).

White paper content

  • A comparative study between three commercially available multiplex proteomics platforms

  • A correlation study between Olink Target 48 Cytokine and Olink Explore 1536 in collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital

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