Watch this technical webinar to learn how to maximize data yield from each valuable mouse subject. Measuring 43 key immune mediators from just 1 μL of sample opens a realm of research possibilities, from enabling repeated biomarker analysis for true longitudinal studies to allowing more experiments from the same sample aliquot for stronger association studies.

Learning objectives:

- Unlock new scientific possibilities that emerge when using only 1 μL of sample

- Explore the unique content of our mouse cytokine panel

- Get familiar with Proximity Extension Assay technology and its workflow

- Learn about our innovative quality control and absolute quantification methodology

Dr. Tanja Endermann

Dr. Tanja Endermann

Global Product Manager, Olink

Tanja Endermann is an experienced biotechnology professional with a rich background in proteomics, ELISA and multiplex immunoassay development. Currently working as a Global Product Manager at Olink Proteomics, she brings expertise from her prior roles, including Field Application Scientist and Group Leader for Assay Development. Her prior research work focused on tuberculosis pathology and immune response.