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From protein biomarker discovery to targeted protein analysis, our platform does it all

Olink’s revolutionary proteomics platform measures proteins from every major biological pathway in the human body, providing exceptionally high-quality data. Whether alone, or in combination with other “omics” approaches, Olink data can easily be translated into actionable insights.

Our platform is both scalable and flexible. From broad, high-throughput protein biomarker discovery to more targeted protein analysis, in any research setting, use Olink’s unparalleled specificity and high throughput to fast-track your disease and drug target research.

E-book highlights:

  • Linking Genomics with Proteomics to Accelerate the Search for Drug Targets.
  • Understanding Covid-Associated Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children.
  • Finding a Needle in the Haystack — Identifying Actionable Biomarkers from the Plasma Proteome.
  • Predicting Lung Cancer Years Before Diagnosis.
  • Novel Proteomics Study Finds Potential Biomarkers for Risk and Treatment Response in Diabetes.
  • Blood Proteomics Reveals Pathways Driving Severe COVID-19.


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Our PEA technology is a game-changer for proteomics

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