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MGH COVID-19 study data

Researchers from the MGH have measured over 1400 proteins in 306 COVID-19 patients and 78 control subjects. In collaboration with Olink, the protein data and some associated clinical data are now being made available to the wider research community. Please note: The clinical dataset is restricted due to data protection considerations and does not include information on gender or race etc.

  • Largest-scale proteomics study to date on COVID-19 samples

  • Carried out using Olink Explore 1536, Olink's new PEA platform with NGS readout
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If you are interested in learning more about our Olink Explore protein biomarker discovery platform (including discounts for running COVID-19 studies), please contact us using the button below:

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Please simply type in your details and press Submit to get immediate access to the data. These details are required in order for the MGH team to have an overview on who is accessing the data and for what purpose.

The zip file contains three files:

  • Protein data, with relative quantification values given in Olink's proprietary Normalized Protein eXpression (NPX) units

  • Essential clinical data associated with each sample
    - MGH_COVID_Clinical_Info.txt

  • Worksheet with description of the clinical variables presented
    - variable_descriptions.xlsx.

Explanation to timepoints included:

  • D0 = Day 0 (time at the Emergency Department)
  • D3 = Day 3
  • D7 = Day 7
  • DE = Event-driven timepoint (i.e. decompensation or recovery events), obtained anywhere within the first 28 days of enrollment.