The importance of proteogenomics in drug discovery

How proteogenomics can improve drug discovery and development



In the following interview, Dr. Anders Mälarstig, the director of Human Genetics at Pfizer, discusses proteogenomics and its benefits to drug discovery and development. Dr. Mälarstig, who is responsible for the identification and development of novel potential drug targets at Pfizer, has experienced first-hand the great advantages of proteogenomics and protein quantitative trait loci (pQTLs) in this area of research, and believes its advantages will only grow in the coming decades with the advancement of more effective proteomics technologies, like Olink.


Podcast highlights:

  • Interview Q&A between DDW host and Anders Mälarstig.
  • Understand what pQTLs are and their importance in drug discovery and development.
  • Gain insight as to how proteogenomics improves the drug development process and the insight it gives to researchers in general.
  • Discover how proteogenomics aids drug discovery companies in creating new opportunities for drug target exploration, with examples on how Pfizer is using proteogenomics to its advantage.
  • Hear how Olink technology has helped Dr. Mälarstig conduct his proteogenomic research, and why it is ideal for proteogenomics studies.
  • Learn more about the SCALLOP consortium: What it is, how it was started, and some examples of how it has contributed to drug development research.
  • Look ahead to the future of proteogenomics and how it ongoing development will benefit science and drug research well into the coming decades.

Original broadcast date: Tue, May 4, 2021  

Anders Mälarstig biography:

Dr. Anders Mälarstig is the director of human genetics at Pfizer and is also a senior researcher at the Karolinska institute in Stockholm. Having completed his PhD at Uppsala University in 2006, Dr. Mälarstig is an established researcher in the field of cardiovascular genetics and disease. He is also the chair of the SCALLOP consortium, a collaborative research group investigating genetic associations between genes and proteins on the Olink proteomics platform.

Anders Mälarstig

Anders Mälarstig
PhD, Director of Target sciences at Pfizer Worldwide Research and Development &

Affiliate Researcher at Karolinska Institutet

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